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Bing Puck – Mini Simmons Surfboard

Bing Puck – Mini Simmons Surfboard

Just wondering if anyone has ridden one of these yet? Bing has a whole line of this style of board and they all look fun. Here is the model they call the “Puck”. Here is the info from their website:

A slight variation and progression from the Bing Mini Simmons design, the Puck adopts the same outline, deck and bottom contours and arc tail design but is configured with a quad fin setup for added maneuverability, quick directional change capability and more control in powerful hollower surf.

If you own or have ridden one please post a review below and let everyone know how it went.


2 Responses to “Bing Puck – Mini Simmons Surfboard”

  1. Thomas says:

    I have a 6’4″ Puck and I have a 6’2″ mini simmons. Both are amazing! The puck has a lot more drive but then again I have to say the Simmons is as close to skateboarding on water as it gets! I live on the Central Coast of California and enjoy them both on days that are shoulder high max in southern hemi fatter swells! Matt Calvani is a true Craftsman!

  2. Baxer says:

    I own a 6’0″ Puck and I love it. I surf Church, Uppers, and even San O most the time and it doesn’t get much better. The volume allows you to get into the wave super early, but the thinned out tail and quad fin setup make it pretty responsive. I’ve out-paddled more than a handful of guys on larger boards thanks to the volume and full nose. I love it.


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