Bing Single Wing Quad

Bing Single Wing Quad

Standard Sizes: 5’10” to 7’6”
Nose: 18”
Middle: 19” – 23”
Tail: 16“
Thickness: 2 1/2“ – 2 7/8”

The Bing Single-wing Quad is a modified version of the MR twin-fin of the late 1970s with a slightly flatter rocker and fuller outline. Progressing from the original twin-fin setup, Matt Calvani has added two smaller back fins to give the board more control and responsiveness. Working well in every day conditions from knee-high to double overhead waves, this board is ideal for longboarders looking to ride a smaller mid-length boards with plenty of glide. This board should be ridden 4-6 inches longer than the traditional twin-fin fish. Currently, Bing offers this model with Future fins, Canard fins, or ProBox fiberglass quad fins.

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