Bing Synchronizer

Bing Synchronizer

A spin-off of the original Bing Bonzer, Matt Calvani drew from his shortboard surfing background and discovered that with a quad fin setup in combination with the deep double-concaves of a Bonzer, he could simulate the turning characteristics of a thruster shortboard but maintain the speed of a quad fish. This model gives you every advantage of a fish’s glide and speed, while giving you the control, maneuverability and responsiveness of a shortboard. This is all due to the peak created by the double concaves acting as a center fin allowing for more stability. Ideal for a variety of wave conditions, from small to overhead waves, and being surfed tight in the pocket.
This board is available with the “Versa Plane” 5-fin box system which allows a surfer to ride the board with multiple fin configurations, i.e. single fin, twin-fin, quad-fin, traditional twinzer, keel twinzer, 5-fin bonzer, etc.

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4 Responses to “Bing Synchronizer”

  1. conor burns says:

    Gem of a board, found the board a bit stiff with the bonzer set up but it really came alive with the quad fins :) Though an absolute bugger to duck dive in powerful white water.

  2. KP says:

    Super fun board. Little loose on the tail in quad set up. Surfs great in steep fast pitching surf with bonzer setup. I am 190 and I ride a 6’2″. I have surfed it in knee high to head and a half. Love the big stuff with the bonzer setup.

  3. Matt says:

    I have a 5’10″. Super fun fishy board in good waves, still goes in the small stuff too. Really fast when you get it locked in the pocket!

  4. Kava says:

    only negative is hard to duck dive in big whitewater closeouts.Always surfed it as a 5 fin bonzer,just love that board,handles steep drops effortlessly,have surfed it in 12-15 foot faces.I have a 7.4


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