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Brown Fish… Just Hand Plane Fun

Brown Fish… Just Hand Plane Fun

Want to get barreled almost every wave? Try a handplane. Handplanes can be a great time when you show up to the beach and the waves are less the inspiring the tide has left your favorite spot breaking close to shore.

Most everybody has bodysurfed at one time or another whether when swimming in after your board or having fun on a beach day. Once you try it with a handplane you may never want to go back to beach with out one. As you kick into the wave and stick your inside hand with the Brownfish out in front you actually get lifted out of the water and start really surfing the wave. If you have a wave that has some snap on it you can tuck in and get barreled.

There are a lot of options of handplanes today the one we surfed here is a Brownfish. These boards go for around $140. They are well crafted and very comfortable on your hand with the padded strap. These are a lot easier to handle and stay on your hand then the plastic tray you borrowed from the local fast food joint. You can also make one if your feeling crafty. However if you would rather spend you time sliding down the face of a wave and hunting for mini barrels you may just want to go to your local surf shop and just lay down some cash. They are a lot less then a surfboard and who know you may get hooked. What ever you choose a hand plane is an low priced addition to your quiver that will make a so so day a ton of fun.

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