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T.Patterson Assassinator Step-Up

T.Patterson Assassinator Step-Up


Ride with confidence on the juiciest days. Performs like your shortboard, without being too gunny. A thumb tail or rounded pin holds in the thumping surf, and is still versatile enough to be ridden when the swell backs off. The ideal travel board. Order 1-4 inches longer than your Assassinator.

Rocker: Slight flip – Low – Accelerated

Concave: Single

Available Tails: Round pin, Thumb

Recommended Tails: Round pin

Wave Size: Shoulder High to Double Overhead

Wave Type: The type you see on surfing videos.

Blurs the line between the Assassinator and the Performance Gun.

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EC Mini Pelican

EC Mini Pelican

Mid range alternative for long or short boarders. Inspired by the gliders of Skip Frye. Single fin and flat rocker provides styles and simplicity, yet excellent performance.

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Channel Island Black Beauty

Channel Island Black Beauty


The Black Beauty has become one of our most popular step up boards. A replica of Tom Curren’s famous 1985 Bell’s Beach, Occy beating, and world title winning board. Vee bottom makes this a great board for good waves.

Order custom built or available at your local dealer in:

6’3 X 18 ¾ X 2 ½
6’6 X 19 ¼ X 2 ¾
6’9 X 20 ¼ X 2 7/8
7’0 X 20 ¾ X 3

A hands down favorite of point break surfers all around the world.

Novice to expert level surfers in chest high to overhead+ waves.

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