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The Super Ugly

The Super Ugly

Originally designed by Bob Purvey in 1967, in response to the short board revolution, the Super Ugly is a modified Ugly, proportioned down in length.

The Super Ugly combines easy, quick turns with long tip rides. It features a foam spreader to widen the tip to 20 inches and a deep concave underneath the tip that takes up one-third of the board’s overall length. The tail is kicked for hold.

The “Super Ugly” surfboard is now advancing with state-of-the-art manufactur by 12th Floor Foam & Glass.

The 12th Floor manufacturing team employs the latest technology to make the Super Ugly both SUPER fast, SUPER light, and durable with high quality skins and graphics.

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The Ugly

The Ugly

It grabbed the world’s attention because of its unique shape, which is all about pure functionality to get the longest tip rides.

The Ugly, Bob Purvey Design Special Edition (SE) is the surfboard built to the original specifications established in 1966 and is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

In 1966, Bob Purvey, originator and designer of The Ugly surfboards, won the Morey-Pope Pro Noseriding Invitational, riding the tip for an accumulated time of 41.5 seconds; an average tip time of 7 seconds per wave on six waves.

The SE features The Ugly signature foam spreader to widen the tip, a deep concave one-third of the board’s overall length to make the tip float higher, a kicked up tail for hold along with Volan lamination for durabilty.

The Ugly’s design is widely recognized as the standard bearer and measuring stick for noseriders. The Ugly’s functionality, history and quality make it one of the most valued longboards ever built. Precision shaping and the best quality lamination go into each SE, carefully crafted with attention to detail and a technical process provided by the highly skilled craftsman at 12th Floor Foam & Glass.

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