Channel Islands Biscuit

Channel Islands Biscuit


A short and stubby tri-fin: the biscuit design was developed with Rob Machado. Like Rob, the Biscuit rides free and easy in the smallest surf and catches waves like boards a foot longer. Order your biscuit 8” to 10” shorter, 1” to 2” wider and ½ to ¾” thicker than your shortboard.

“…foam is your friend…don’t be scared of it. A little bit of extra foam here and there is good for the soul… and your surfing.” – Rob

This year we added a couple sizes, order custom or comes standard at your local dealer in:

5’2” x 19 ¾ x 2 ¾”
5’4” x 19 7/8” x 2 ¾”
5’6” x 20” x 2 ¾
5’8” x 20 ¼” x 2 ¾”
5’10” x 20 ½” x 2 7/8”
6’0” x 21” x 3”
6’2” x 21 ½ ” x 3”
6’4” x 21 ¾ “ x 3 “

You are open to drawing new lines with the shortest rail possible. Everyone should ride this board at least twice.

Beginner to Advanced: 1 – 10

Knee to head-high

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8 Responses to “Channel Islands Biscuit”

  1. Marc Desveaux says:

    Just purchased new Al Merick biscuit and it feels great to ride. Feels free and really easy to maneuver. However my only gripe is the sturdiness of the board – I landed funnily on the board with my shin hitting the rail (in 2ft surf) – the rail is now cracked and this was my second surf on the board! Did I just get a bad batch? Eye twitches each time I see it now… >:(

  2. bobby says:

    The board is sick. I have been able to do things I never have been able to do on other boards. I agree though with the other poster. The glass job is lame and very suspect. My forearm sent the board to the repair shop and the board looks to be a year old and has only been in the water 6-7 times. Look forward to seeing this in epoxy but am very sad how the CI quality has been dropping.

  3. Gary says:

    Don’t be fooled into thinking the Biscuit is restricted to small scrappy waves. This baby can handle some size and power. If in doubt, change your fins.

  4. Joet says:

    I’ve been surfing ~20 years. Normally shortboards from 6’3 to 6’10″, typical thrusters. I’m 205#, 6’1 I have a 6’0 x21″ x3″ poly biscuit and rode it for 2 days now. My observations: Slower than a fish of similar dimensions. Less drive with the fins it comes with vs. a typical fish, tends to need to be rail-turned rather than tail turned. Catches waves easily enough, it floats me about 4-5″ above my belly button (well in the comfort zone for float), but most fishes catch waves easier. But, it turns like a shortboard and catches waves like a fish (more or less) so in my opinion this is a useful board to have in your quiver. The waves can’t be completely gutless, tho, and you won’t race in front of a typical fish. But you will be able to stay in the pocket and your typical intermediate surfer has a much better chance of getting tubed. It also is more responsive/stable to being turned/snapped in the pocket than a fish which just wants to run out on you and race to the shoulder. In conclusion doesn’t replace a fish for true gutless/slop/crap conditions. But in stuff that has some size/shape (2-3′ or so) this board is a winner.

  5. Phillip says:

    Yo i’m 5’11 and i weigh 160, i’m riding a 5’10 by 2 1/8. Should i go for the 5’2 or the 5’4?

  6. admin says:

    If you look at the reviews for the Channel Island boards they seem to have the re-ocurring issue of light glass jobs giving way. I think this might be a situation of give and take. You get a super light and responsive board but to get that you have to give up something in which might be super light foam and or glass strength. Or Channel Islands is mass produced and minimal product is used when making the boards to increase profit. So they break easy and you have to buy another one.

    If you go to your local shaper he might build with more love and care and leave more resin on the board making it more durable but a bit heavier.

    Channel Islands are some of the most popular boards for a reason as they have the some of the best shapes and innovations. But you they do seem to wear out a lot faster then other boards.

  7. Taylor says:

    I am 6’4, around 200lbs and ride a 6’2 Biscuit. I live in Hawaii and this board is sick in near flat to well over head surf. It reminds me of the boards I rode in the 80′s, fast and super carvey. If you like catching lots of waves, going fast, doing big carves and huge floters over sections you need to get one of these boards. And for you whiners who are constantly dinging your board, stop falling!!!


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