Channel Islands M13

Channel Islands M13


This is a performance hybrid that caters to the widest possible type and size of surfer and the widest range of wave conditions. Not to be confused with a funshape type board. Paddles like a funshape, but surfs like a shortboard. Available in either a squash or round pin, most common sizes are from 6’10” to 8’0″.

You are looking for a hybrid surfboard with shortboard performance. This is not a shrunk-down longboard.

Intermediate: 2 – 8

Knee-high to Double-overhead

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2 Responses to “Channel Islands M13”

  1. Philip says:

    I’m reviewing a 7’0″ Channel Islands M13 by Surftech. I think it would be safe to say that this board would be good for older surfers like myself (I’m 55)or bigger guys that still wants to ride shorter boards. The combination of the length, thickness and width along with Al Merrick’s proven templates, rocker and bottom configurations makes for a board that catches waves quite easy and is still very manuverable. I’ve only ridden it in small surf and was surprised that it even rode good in those conditions. The durable Tuflite epoxy construction makes for a strong, light board that should last quite a while. I’m quite sure that when the waves get a little bigger this board will even be more fun to ride.

  2. Ninno says:

    I’m an older guy but still rides well.

    I’ve been riding the M13 7′ tuflite for years now and probably regard it has a board you’d ride in anything from 1 to 5 foot with the confidence that it does work.

    Anything over 5′ and the corkiness of the epoxy makes it hard to dig the rail (even with bigger fins).

    But in Sydney beach breaks 1 – 5′ is the norm.

    I’d highly recommend this board as a great older or heavy guy board.


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