Con C.C. Model

Con C.C. Model

Original-style, classic rocker. Superb noseriding surfboard, championship-quality yet forgiving for all types of surf.

sizes from 9′ to 10′
18 1/2″ wide nose, 23″ middle, 15 3/4″ tail
single fin

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2 Responses to “Con C.C. Model”

  1. flying kook machine says:

    i had a few good days on an older version of this from maybe…eh 66-67? great board. awesome noserides, cranks turns like nobodys busness. i’ve never ridden a new one, but if they work the same it’s deffinately a board that everyone should try at least once.

  2. New Jetties says:

    I have an absolutely hammered original CC Rider that I bought used a few years ago. Just looking at it in the rack you could tell it was a smart shape. The board is relatively thin and flat-rockered, and the rails are thin but not pinched. It’s really a pretty current design, considering that it’s 40 years old. Mine turned out to be a blunderbuss, heavy and a bit sluggish, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t float the way it was intended to float. (Does old sun- and water-damaged foam float less efficiently?) Still, even in its sad condition, it has its moments, especially in beach break slop. Once it gets moving it trims pretty darn fast. I’d love to get a true original CCR, only new.


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