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Del Sol Surfboard Racks

Del Sol Surfboard Racks

Everyone knows that surfboards are a work of art.  And these pieces of art are not cheap and they are fragile.  If you get a deep ding in your board it not only costs money but time out of the water.  So the best way to avoid damaging your boards and keep them safely is to put them in quality racks.

Here is a review of the Del Sol wooden wall racks sold on the website

The racks are made of solid Pine wood and Birch dowels.  The dowels are  covered with black foam to protect your boards.  they come with screws and caps ready to install.

The racks also have some nice finishing work.  The back sections of the rack has sanded corners and is stained to make these rack look nice enough to hang inside the house.

Quality workmanship is apparent on the rack as you can see the dowels are not only installed deep in the back but they are also glued into their holes.  This will make a huge difference in the durability over the long haul.

Installing is straight forward.  I would recommend finding the studs in the wall to attach the racks too.  You might consider using  larger screws then the racks come with if your going to use these racks for heavy logs.

With 18″ dowels, these racks can store short boards with out a second thought but 18 inches is long enough to store your long boards too.

The bottom line of reviewing racks is kind of do they work or not.  These racks work and work well.

The cost is $39 for a single rack, $55 for a double and $75 for a triple.

So now you might be thinking I can go buy the wood and do it my self for cheaper.  Well in the past I have done this and thats exactly what you will get; a cheap rack.  Meaning a rack that doesn’t look, work and really is not any less expensive after you go to the lumber yard and buy all the products and spend a day building them.

Bottom line:  if you need surf racks this is a great option for straight forward racks that work, look good and are built to last.  There are  a lot of racks out there but none will get the job done any better.

Check out their to look at these racks and a bunch of other ones for your car, your bike or for display.  Here is the link to their page:







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