Donald Takayama Flo Egg

Donald Takayama Flo Egg

Single fin wonder. When you want to get off the long board and make tighter turns and hang in the pocket.

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4 Responses to “Donald Takayama Flo Egg”

  1. Kava says:

    I could not personally surf this board well,I kept cavitating on my bottom backside turn and wiping out on a big day,I had to finesse my turns to keep from wiping out.On the other hand,my friend rips on this board!

  2. Van Tine says:

    I have the 7’10″ Surftech version and I can’t say I like this board. When I’m on it I always think I’d be having more fun on my longboard.

  3. Philip says:

    My magic board. If I were able to choose my favorite conditions and choose the board for it, The Flo Egg would be it. I’ve ridden my 7’0″ in waist high to 2′ overhead. As a longboarder I appreciate a nice single fin with round pin and its flow in and out of turns. If you are looking to step down off of a traditional log when the conitions start getting good, this would be the board. Only problems I have had is it has a hard time paddling into wave on mushy days. The belly tends to push water not channel it, but when you make the drop the belly to slight double vee really turns on. If you dig the ’70′s shortboard single fin style of flow. I think you will love this board. Sorry, I could let the other reviews be the only word on this board. I worry about the day I need to retire it!


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