Donald Takayama Model T

Donald Takayama Model T

Versital noserider with 60/40 rails and a single fin. Donald has refined this over many years. Good for waves from ankle to shoulder high. A classic shape.

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6 Responses to “Donald Takayama Model T”

  1. on the nose says:

    I give this a 5 because Donald is a master shaper and knows how to shape a board that works. The Model T is a great mix of old school with the more modern rail and rocker and a great concave that I really dig. This board covers all the bases that a board this size can, it turns good (for its style), rides the waves nice and finds the pocket and of course rides the nose with the best of them. Depending on how this is glassed etc. will effect the experience. The one I had was glassed a bit lighter with a deck patch so it felt more modern then classic. So if you want a board that does it all then this will be a good choice. If you can have a quiver this board can be replaced by a heavier traditional nose rider with 50/50 rails for small wave nose riding and logging and possibly a In the Pink that is more performance based but nose rides very well. Each giving the surfer a much more different experience but accomplishing what this one board does.

  2. jimmy pierce says:

    I’m seriously considering buying a used Model T that is for sale locally, but it’s an epoxy board. Grew up on traditional longboards in the 60′s, been wanting a great noserider, but concerned, in light of your comment about how it is glassed will affect performance. I’ll use it mainly in smaller (up to shoulder high) surf, and really looking for a good noserider. Would love your thoughts on whether you think the epoxy board would work for me. I weigh 155, and the board is a 9’6″.


    Jimmy Pierce

  3. admin says:


    I had an surf-tech Model T. I rode it and was able nose ride it but it would not flex and ride like a poly board. In fact the board would buck me off on the nose once in a while. Although it was kind of heavy it did not have the glide and feel of a real nose rider. If you like the feel of the 60′s boards I do not think you will like the surftechs. If it’s epoxy with glass this is a bit closer to what you are used to but still has some major differences. I had a Harbour Rapier epoxy and it was super light, and made a weird noise when splashing through the water. I am a huge fan of classic style boards especially if your going nose rider. I would suggest to wait for a poly traditional board. The only way I would consider either of the above mentioned is if you are looking for a lighter feeling board that is easier to carry or more durable like surftech’s. Or you are trying to speed up a classic. But you will sacrifice the glide and smooth, steady feeling of a heavier log. The new material is just not the same as poly and volan. Hope that helps and its not too late before you bought the other boards.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Many thanks for this – your thoughts voice the concerns that I had. Yes, the foam and glass boards are what I’m used to, so we’ll see. It’s a straight surf-tech, no glass. However, I went ahead and bought the board before I saw your reply, as the price was right and I was just ready to get into another board. I’ll put it to good use and get back here with my experiences. Delighted that I found this site – it’s great! Keep up the good work!

    Jimmy (Wrightsville and Carolina Beach, NC)

  5. David Lutz says:

    Best nose ridrer I ever owned. Great glass job. Truly a magical board. Smooth, smooth, smooth…smoothest ride ever!

  6. Paolo says:

    Takayama’s Model T is a fantastic board that works well in surf from ankle- to overhead-sized waves. A almost perfect blend of a traditional log (stall, stable for cross stepping and lots of tip time) & modern features (turn in a dime and deep pocket drive). Surfed mine in California, Mexico and Brazil. It works.


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