Gato Heroi Death Dagger

Gato Heroi Death Dagger

Alex Knost requires a sensitive board. yet the Death Dagger is one of our most versatile model, incorporating a sleek parallel outline with the wide point back from center, and maximum thickness, forward. loose pivotal turns from tail, or longer drawn turns from center, this board has gears. trims in small waves, agile in size.

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2 Responses to “Gato Heroi Death Dagger”

  1. Andy B says:

    I have a 9’7” Dagger…a bit older so it’s glassed and polished. I love it. It noserides great and trims great for it’s size. Since the nose is a bit pulled in you feel like you can get away with a bigger board without feeling like your dragging around this huge log. Dimensions are great…Gato’s are my type of board. Definitely seem like they’re intended for a lighter surfer.

  2. quilly says:

    I have a 9’9″ dagger that was glossed and polished. I love my board! its a little big for me but i still have a great time. Love the way it turns, super fast, even just in general. surfed up and down the coast from south orange county all the way to ocean beach San Franisco. super fun everywhere. like any longboard, i find it most fun at those long point breaks like santa cruz


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