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Gordon & Smith – Back to the Future

Gordon & Smith – Back to the Future

Is what it says on the board. This looks to be a modern take on an old model that G & S had back in the day. Ernie Higgins a currently shaper for the G&S line shaped this board about 10 years ago.

This board is a what I would call a modern log because of its turned down rails from the front of the board leading all the way to a hard edge in the tail. There is also some vee in the tail where the fin box is and two side bites boxes are installed. Although I guess you could put side bites in this I would much prefer a large either pivot or raked nose rider fin.

The board has a 19″ nose by 23″ wide and a commanding 17″ tail that also has a swallow tail cut into it.

The board is much faster then it looks and has some blended concave to stall for some nice nose rides. With the big 19″ nose this board just begs for the rider to run out there and hand 5, 10, heels?

The board is a great summer wave magnet and has a lot of style with very cool pin lines and the big Gordon & Smith logo.

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