Hap Jacobs New Shape

Hap Jacobs New Shape

9’0″ to 10’0″

18 3/4″

22 1/4″ to 23 1/2″


3″ to 3 1/4″

Borrowing its name from the 1960s Jacobs model, the “New Shape” due to similarities in its conception, the modern-day Jacobs New Shape model was designed when several team riders demanded a versatile board, ideal for quick, challenging conditions and contest surfing. Hap encountered this same request during the 60s and got together with one of his shapers at the time, Rick Irons, and came up with the original New Shape Model. Today’s New Shape utilizes a shorter noserider blank, i.e. dimensions and rocker, to give you glide and stability for noseriding but adds a round pintail, a 2+1 Jacobs signature fiberglass fin setup and a hard edge through the tail for maneuverability and quick response. This board is ideal for medium to big beach break or reef break. The New Shape is praised as the most versatile board in the Jacobs line.

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