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How To Buy A Surfboard!

How To Buy A Surfboard!

Every now and then we get some editorial sent to us from our friends both local and across the world.  Here is an article that was sent in on how to choose a surfboard.  If your looking to purchase here are some good pointers.

When you’ve had a few lessons and decided you like surfing enough to continue learning and practicing, there will come a time when you want to buy your very first surfboard. Knowing what to buy can be tricky though, and you can’t always rely on the staff at a surf shop to sell you the right board for your skill level. Not because they don’t have the expertise, but rather because they might sell you the board they are really into and it could be either more advanced they you can ride or too expensive.

The trick is to not go into the process without any prior knowledge. If you were a beginner in the world of poker for example, you wouldn’t go and compete in a tournament in a casino without having learned the rules and educated yourself as much as possible, right? No, you’d spend as much time as you could researching the technical terms and tricks you can pick up from the internet. And then you’d log onto the partypoker website if you’re from the UK, or any other site which offers online rooms to practice in, and learn the practical way. It’s the exact same thing when you’re purchasing gear for your new favorite sport.

Volume:  Make sure you take note of the volume of the board when you shop. Lots of volume will ensure you more float and stability on the water, which is key as a beginner, because you’re more likely to lose your balance. Bear in mind that the wider the board is the more stable it will be. Most surfers would recommend a long board for a beginner. You could go for a smaller board, but they take a lot of skill to get up on and ride well. A long board will allow you to go out in pretty much any condition.

Durability:  As a beginner your board will be put to the test against the elements and your own clumsiness. You’ll want to buy a board which you are confident will last for a while, no matter what knocks it experiences.

Foam boards:  If you haven’t been surfing for long, you’ll probably be better off choosing a foam board for the time being. If you were playing poker, you wouldn’t enter yourself into the high stakes games immediately, you’d test your ability with a safer table with lower stakes. Surfing is no different. With a foam board, they are relatively cheap and softer, so if you were to fall the wrong way you’d cause less injury to yourself. A foam board won’t last long if you surf all the time, but as an occasional surfer, they’re a decent purchase.

Longboard :  The next step up from a foam board is a glassed long board. Faster and easier to maneuver on the water, they allow you to surf the wave better.  If you decide to sell, it will still hold some value. The issue with them is, being longer they won’t fit inside most cars, plus they are quite heavy and bulky to carry. But once in the water they paddle easier and catch a lot of waves.

These are just some tips to start you off on the right track. Check through the website and you’ll gain a better grasp of the type of boards you can choose.  If you have any questions please write them in to comments below and we will be sure to answer them for you.

Remember surfing is about having fun!  And the best surfer in the water is the guy having the most fun.

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