JC Hawaii Equalizer

JC Hawaii Equalizer

We hate to call this a fun board, because the truth is this board rips. While the full nose, ample volume, and Hawaiian rocker will allow you to catch the wave easy, you’ll still be able to do the full face power moves you’ve always dreamed of. This board is a dominate presence in the line up. With the power to catch anything you want, you might need a little self control.

ABILITY LEVEL: For the Beginner to Intermediate surfer.

WAVE TYPE: Works best in knee to head high surf.

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One Response to “JC Hawaii Equalizer”

  1. Ian says:

    I have a 7’4 x 21 x 2.75 JC Hawaii that I have owned for a little over a year. This board is absolutely amazing. Truly a big buys shortboard. Paddles like a dream, duck dives with ease, the rocker is excellent for getting into waves without much hesitation of pearling, its fast and incredibly responsive. This is the type of board you can have for your entire surfing career, no matter how good you get. Highly recommend.


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