Lance Carson Surfboards “The Pig”

Lance Carson Surfboards “The Pig”

From Lance’s website: many people don’t know that Dale Velzy originally designed the pig board back in the 50s. i used to ride these at Malibu as a teenager. the early versions were made out of balsa.  but the design was so efficient that the shapes were seen all the way into the early 60s. i’ve seen many versions of this shape.  and i don’t lay claim to have the closest thing to Velzy’s original pig. and some of the pigs reproductions that i see around today are okay.  but my goal has been to retain a more elegant look. and that even applies to my version of the pig.  i had to use at least 4 other template outlines to finally come up with a smooth outline that had all the pig characteristics, but with a nice, smooth contour.  i wanted it to have class. in my opinion, some of today’s pigs have too much “bump” on the hip.  also, some of their fins are all wrong. if you want it to ride like a pig, then make it like a pig. and ask anyone . . . mine do.”

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