Liddle Inbetweener

Liddle Inbetweener

This outline is still a down the line design but can adapt to a variety of beach and reef breaks. It has the same trim speed in a straight line as the very full outlined point break design but with a shorter turning radius. The wide point is moved back and more curve is added to the plan shape to free up the outline making direction changes and turning back more accessible.

It is easier to ride in many conditions and can be ridden as a single fin ( usually with a larger center fin ) or with a smaller single fin and the side runners and a smaller center fin.

This design is ideal for intiating oneself into the concept and idea of the smooth planing modified displacement hull design. It is versatile and there is an easier transition from the flat bottom with “V”, banana rocker, curvy outline, pivot, squirt and run concept of surfboard design.

The weight / length chart is a general suggestion depending on what length of board you are used to. Individuals are just that and may prefer longer and shorter versions of the same design ever though they be of the same height and weight.

Main thing is that you should be able to just launch the board, stand in trim position and the board should plane out at trim speed without any added impetus or gyrations on your part. That is the beauty of the design.

The smaller the board the more wave energy it takes to make it plane out. If you ride weaker waves you might want to go with a longer version to make planing efficient.

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One Response to “Liddle Inbetweener”

  1. norcal says:

    This is the most rider-friendly hull that Greg makes. It is a very forgiving hull, but it is still a hull and is not meant to be tail-turned. If you are in to really agressive surfing then hulls are not a good choice.But,if you are really set on a hull but have never ridden one, and are not totally sure whether you will like one or not, the “inbetweener” is a good choice, otherwise I suggest the Andreini Vaquero. Additionally, if you are used to logging, then the transition to a hull is much easier. This board is meant to be ridden from the center, using subtle ankle and knee movement, similar to riding in trim on a log. Either way, the “inbetweener” is a good choice, especially for beach break, which it was oriented toward, a much better choice than the opther designs for beach break conditions.


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