Pearson Arrow C.J. Model

Pearson Arrow C.J. Model

10′ C.J. Model

Nose: 19 7/8″
Width: 24″
Tail: 16 7/8″
Thickness: 3″
Single Fin
Top = 1 – 7.5oz/1 – 6oz
Bottom = 1 – 7.5oz

This single fin is an excellent nose rider! At 24 inches wide with a very flat rocker it is perfect for paddling into almost bump in the water. With a wide square tail and bladed 50/50 rails you will find that this big nose rider is amazingly maneuverable. C.J. is the new world champion nose rider after his win in Costa Rica and we worked closely with him to develop a board that would trim and glide like this one.

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Nov 13, 2012 by Claude

Shoots-these boards suck! complete trash. Dont give these norcal burnouts your money.. -Claude

Oct 31, 2012 by Bill

I met a guy in MX who worked for Arrow in Virginia USA. He sold alot of Arrow surfboards to my friends in FL and they all turned out LEMONS.. He seems like a nice gent. I heard he works for someone else because of the LEMON mess. All boards fell completely apart from the glass, to the fin box. Atleast all Ive seen.

1.0 1.0 2 2 Shoots-these boards suck! complete trash. Dont give these norcal burnouts your money.. -Claude Pearson Arrow C.J. Model

8 Responses to “Pearson Arrow C.J. Model”

  1. Tom says:

    Turns feel great, noserides for days, great board.

  2. flying kook machine says:

    aweseome all around noserider. doesn’t bog like other boards that are geared specifically for camping on the tip, but will still allow you to camp when desired. best with the oldstyle fin, a bit more swept back with plenty of tip (el gato style) will help it drive through turns and give you ease of walking.

  3. on the nose says:

    Because this board makes no appologies or does not try to be anything else but a noserider is what makes it so good. However when you ride it this board turns out to be a lot more then a noserider. The board turns and rides up and down the wave like a board that can not noseride. The board has a great big concave in the nose and carefully relaxed rocker that glides, turns and noserides. The rails are pinched 50/50 for easy release on the turns but finds the pocket and stays put. With the pinched rails and the tail is thinned so you can sink it and really make the board perform. I had a 10′ and was great could of gotten away with much less 9’6″ or 9’8″. The price is decent; got mine for like $800 new. The one thing that is could use improvement is the glass job as I put heels marks in it like a short board.

  4. Marcus says:

    Great board..from santa cruz and is perfict for ther…floats well nose rides great paddles great turns pretty godd for a board on 9″6 to 10″. only thing bad is these boARDS ARE MADE WITH LOW CHEAP DENCETY FOAM AND DELAMINATES VERY EASY..but the glass jobs are good just not the foam

  5. norcal says:

    Sorry I don’t give this board a great review, here’s why. I had the 10ft model. The glass job was sturdy enough but the green tint varied greatly from dark to light. I’m not the 1st person to critique Pearson glass jobs. The rocker was wrong, on takeoffs the board pearled a lot, if I moved back to to compensate I missed a lot of waves. I must say this board is really a noserider. You needed to be on the nose just to stay in trim. While the tail may be thin it is very very wide. It takes a specific style and wave in order to turn it correctly. Lastly this is a small wave board, it can’t handle anything with a little size. Maybe CJ can, but I doubt the average rider could.

  6. Mel says:

    I have a 10’0″ model that was one of CJ’s personal boards. Noticed a few differences when comparing it to my friend’s stock CJ model. I love this board for those small summer days, it can pretty much catch anything. On bigger days the take-off is a little tricky for me since it is longer than what I usually ride and and so flat. Love how it noserides! This board thrives in faster knee to waist high surf. I have only ridden it with a 10″ CJ fin. As far as glassing goes it dings pretty easily. I haven’t had any issues with dings in the water but on the way back from a trip in mexico it was butchered by the airlines on the way back. I think it’s only 6 oz. glass on this one. No issues with delam. Although there are a couple of heal marks on the nose from the previous owner, Mr. Nelson.

  7. Justin says:

    These boards are crap,didn’t nose ride well wasn’t very inpressive.sold mine also he screwed alot of people over with cbad board. He shoul
    d pay us to ride his board

  8. Casey dog says:

    Love my board. It is my favorite board in my arsenal. As for the board being tricky on big waves .. Absolutely difficult to not pearl the board. Carb the wave through the back door and stars trimming early. This board made me a much better rider. I can ride any wave withe my coke bottle green city model. No problems with the dings or delaminating. Would by another one without hesitating :)


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