D.J. Dreiling

D.J. Dreiling Surfboards

As I was purusing craigslist I came across Dreiling Surfboards. I called and met “The Edfactor” on the phone. We arranged to meet at the shop to talk with D.J. and see his latest creations. As I arrived in the Willmington neighborhood I was instructed to park on Coil St. and find the door on the corner. The only thing was that is the whole block was very industrial and had a giant fence all the way around it. Ed told me to look for the 3′ x 3′ door in the fence…. I walked around and did find a orange wire hanging out of a 3 x 3 opening in the giant fence.

I opened the fence looked inside and saw surfboards, heard music and smelled resin. I knew I found it. As I walked into the shop I found D.J. glassing three boards in the back room. I talked with DJ and found out he has been at shaping and glassing for about 10 years since 1998. He said on his first attempt at shaping a new surfboard he caught a planer on fire, broke the nose of the board off but still got it glassed. He surfed it and kept going from there. Since then DJ has become a respected shaper in the South Bay and shapes for a number of hot surfers including; Natalie Ansivino and Dave Rastavitch.

DJ is prmarily a short board shaper and is working with all the latest material including the most eco friendly foam available today. Says he has shaped thousands of surfboards and glassed just as many.

Lately with the help of Ed Solt a.k.a. “the Edfactor” DJ is now making longboards too. Below is a listing of his models he has provided for ReviewSurfboards.
Hater model characteristics 5’6” to 6’8”
Perhaps the most hated surfboard in the line-up (in hence the name), the Hater model catches all the best waves. A high-performance surfboard that can handle waist high to overhead waves, the Hater loves to slowly slip into steep hollow waves with its rocker design for easier wave entry. With the characteristic of a wider tail, the Hater model has the ability to let loose with a full spectrum of turning ability in waist high surf. This balance of balls for the juicy stuff and shred-ability in small surf give the Hater a well balanced attack in medium sized surf.
Jehu model is available 5’8” to 6’8”
Another high performance surfboard, the Jehu model is designed more to handle large powerful surf with its test grounds being in the Palos Verdes area. Although it surfs well in small to medium surf, the Jehu model has a low nose rocker and is a bit wider for easier paddling into head high to overhead sets.
Jeff’s Device Model is available from 5’8 to 6’8
Have you always been just a bigger dude or perhaps the gut has finally filled in? Well, this high performance model is just for you. The Jeff’s Device model is the ultimate big guy surfboard that also a smaller to medium size person can fully rip on. With a low nose rocker and an accelerated tail rocker, the Device model is easy to paddle and quick turning. From knee high to head high, the Device model really shines.
The Uncle B model available 5’2 to 6’2
A slashing summertime wave machine, the Uncle B model is just our interpretation of an early 70s fish, developed by Steve Lis in the San Diego region. In fact just like the incarnation of the original fish, the Uncle B model is based on a knee board that D.J. Dreiling shaped ten years ago before fishes became all the rage. After a lengthy development, the Uncle B can be ridden as a twin, tri, or quad fin, handles most surf but performs best in head high and below faces, and paddles like a barracuda.
The  Edfactor Happy Hour Model available 9’0 to 10’6
After being disgusted with longboards with trash can shape noses, dug out concave, and baseball bat rails, that allowed “longboarders” to gracefully and femininely perform a ballerina dance to the nose, surfer Eddie “The Edfactor” Solt sought out the help of D.J. Dreiling to make the ultimate surfable longboard.  Not to be easily appeased with shoulder crouch stance noserides, the Edfactor wanted a board that worked in the pocket, sticking the nose into some steep slippery situations without the threat of a sideslip. At the same time this board had to be easily whipped around and stalled with the stomping of a back foot. After much development, the Happy Hour was born, passing all the Edfactor requirements. With a Pulled in nose, no-nonsense-no-concave, big beer gut belly, rails not too pinched yet soft enough, low rocker, the Happy model is a jiving, hotdogging, speed machine. Average surfer enjoys in the head high and below situation. The Edfactor rides in all surf.