Elton Fursman

From the humblest of beginnings that included cutting his first plan-shape
out with a bread knife, Bilt shaper Elton Fursman has emerged out of Africa
as one of the finest and technically skilled shapers in the world.

Local surfers soon realized what he was making and how it could rapidly
improve their surfing. Shaping for 14yrs, 8 of which for professionals,
Elton has been toiling in the shaping bay, putting all these surfers on the
best boards possible, enabling them to win events, to make prize money, to
get onto the WCT, to get towed into giant waves and to paddle into monster
surf.  He¹s made boards that have seen Davey Weare win the Oakley Big Air
and Jason Ribbink win the Oakley Big Wave. He has put Travis ³Trent² Logie
and Davey Weare on the Championship Tour. He has enabled Chad Du Toit and
Damian ŒDooma¹ Fahrenfort, to clean up the junior categories for years. He
has enabled Dane Michael ³Patto² Patterson to walk out of his office, arrive
at the beach, paddle out, and nonchalantly win a top PST event.  Elton is a
quiet, hard-working perfectionist who has dedicated himself to the pursuit
of making perfect boards.

In order to keep on top of his game in the fast-moving field of board design
and material evolution, Elton travels the world, going to surf expos,
working under international shapers, studying templates and infusing all his
knowledge into the boards he makes for what is arguably the best surf team
in South Africa. Matt Biolos, for one, has constantly guided Elton and
directed him to be one of the top shapers in the world.

When Elton isn¹t in the bay working on new designs or plotting with pen and
paper about some area of surfboard design, he can be found with Jason
designing a new small wave shooter, or a board for the bigger surfer, or a
board that¹s going to go unreal in barelling conditions.  And when that¹s
finished Elton will be down on the beachfront, videocam in hand, filming
Davey and Trent, Chad and Dooma, to analyse their surfing and to work out
what improvements could be made to suit their particular styles of surfing.
With a 100% commitment and dedication to the team and their results, and
with the passion of wanting the best surfers stoked with their equipment,
Elton is the vital link in a system that is making champions out of South
African surfers from both hand shaped and computer CAD DSD shaped crafted