Jon Wegener

Jon grew up surfing and watching his brother and all his buddies shaping their own surfboards so when he wanted to get a new board it was just natural to get a blank and shape it himself.  He started shaping in 1988 and with influences from Joe Bark, Richard Pavell and Hap Jacobs and Tom Wegener to name a few.

From the Hermosa he went to college down in San Diego where he started shaping and learning more from shapers, surfers and surfing the great San Diego beaches.  After college Jon returned to the South Bay to continue shaping as a full time lifestyle and career.

For the past 20 years he has been shaping foam boards.  He specializes in the fuller style boards such as 80’s style twins, fuller template short boards, single fins, quads, mid size boards and long boards.  Possibly his most shaped board is the long board.  With influence from Hap Jacobs, Jon has shaped more 9’6” surfboards then he can even remember.

With his older brother Tom living in Australia he has traveled several times “Down Under” on surf trips and surfboard “Pow Wow’s”.   His surf adventures even include surfing a typhoon in Taiwan.  However his favorite spot world wide is “Off the Wall” in Hawaii.  Surfing around the world has not spoiled him so much that he still calls his home break Torrance Beach.

Jon Wegener

The Wegener brothers have created started a revival of an ancient secret called the Alaia.  As mentioned earlier this board is getting a lot of serious attention from the surfing community.  On a trip to Bishops Museum in Hawaii, Tom was inspired to make one of these types of boards and the Wegener bro’s have been making them ever since.  Between the two, Jon estimates at least 200 have been made and are being surfed.  They have refined the shapes and are constantly making modifications.  These boards really lend them self to improvement since you can take it home and plane off some rail or cut off some tail and then take it back out.

They are making them out of Paulowina wood which is light and saltwater resistant.  The typical dimensions are from 6’6” to 8’ long, 16” to 18” wide and ¾” to 1” thick.  Of course there are contours and certain template that go with each size.  A good starting out size is 7’6” for a long boarder and around 6’4” for a younger short boarder.