Mark Pesce

Mark Pesce has shaped for some of the biggest names in surf including Bruce and Andy Irons. Today you will see Pesce in line-ups all up and down Southern California.

Mark Pesce has been Surfing since 1967-68 and has seen a lot of surf trends come and go over that last 40 years.

He started shaping as a hobby in the late 70′s and early 80′s. In 1984 Pesce started shaping boards for himself and friends. Some of the local pros started to notice his shapes. Marty Thomas who was 2nd or 3rd put Pesce in Surfer Magazine by winning a huge contest on Pesce Boards. Ricky Irons(cousin of Andy) then asked Mark to shape some boards for him. Later Bruce and Andy rode Pesce boards as 12 and 13 year old groms.

Pesce boards quickly gained popularity and he was shipping to Japan, Fl., East Coast, Hi and all of Ca. At this time the big sponsorships for surfers where being signed. Pesce was faced with a choice to chase an industry moving at break neck speed with clothing sponors shelling out big endorsements and companies paying guys to mass produced boards or continue to shape quality boards and sell on pure reputation and word of mouth. Mark chose to stick with shaping his way, shaping by hand and talking with the surfers one on one. While individual shapers where getting replaced by machines and pro models. Mark has continued to shape his custom surfboards himself. He has also helped out other companyies like JC Surfboards by hand shaping for them.

Mark has kept up with all the recent changes in materials, shapes and retro’s and improvments of all aspects of the today’s surfboards. Pesce says along with material improvement all of the boards are more performance based. Meaning, boards just surf better then they ever have. Whether your shredding a short board, crusing a long board or riding a retro shape. The rocker, rails and outlines have improved and made surfing more enjoyable. “Guys are able to do things on surfboards they never could before, and a lot has to do with better equipment. You can also have a board today that will perform in more variety of conditions from knee high to head high.” Another trend Pesce says is gaining popularity is more earth friendly boards with new materials that eco-friendly. Mark uses all the latest epoxy’s and eco blanks as well as classic foam to shape boards.

Pesce Surfboards offers all of the latest designs and has recently started producing a surfboard with the stringers on the perimiter of the surfboard. These boards offer unique responsiveness and give a new sensation.

Pesce Surfboards are primaily shorft boards and have several different modles such as fish, thrustsers, quards and big wave boards, all customizable to your specifications.

You can find them at Huntington Surf and Sport or,

Contact Mark directly at (714)739-2882 or email at