Ron House

Ron House began shaping in Encinitas, Ca in 1968 at Surfboards Hawaii. He soon moved to the Islands where his shaping career got serious, making boards for some of the top guys at the time. The Pipeline became a favorite spot and he made friendships on the North Shore. As sailboarding gained popularity, Ron became involved in their design and took the sport from flat water into the waves of Hawaii. He spent a summer in Biarritz, shaping for a company there. After moving to California in the mid 80′s, House owned and operated Surfglas for 15 years, one of the most professional and productive factories at the time,. He did shaping work for some big labels in Southern California as well as lots of friends. After nearly 40 years of shaping in California, Hawaii and France Ron has made most kinds of surfboards, sailboards and now standup boards. The development of standup paddling has given us a new look at using our ocean and lake resources for surfing, distance paddling and fitness training, opening up surf spots previously overlooked and providing a vehicle to experience new places. Of course Ron still makes shortboards, longboards and guns. House boards are shaped from polyurethane foam or EPS and glassed with polyester resin or epoxy, a truly custom handcrafted product. Ron now specializes in the standup boards which are EPS cores with epoxy. Ron takes particular interest in shaping custom boards to meet client needs and preferences and enjoy working one-on-one with my friends.