Stamps Fuse – Gas Pedal in Front, Shred Pedal in back

Stamps Fuse – Gas Pedal in Front, Shred Pedal in back

I call this board “Lighting” not only because its fast and can zig zag of the wave like a bolt of lighting, but because the first day I took it out at HB Pier there was lighting and by the end of the session hail was falling in the water.

Anyway, I had Tim Stamps shape a 5’11″ Fuse to try out. In a world of hulls, single fins, pigs, v-bottoms, asymetrics, simmons, and all the other tangent boards your can try, sometimes a fast quad that turns of the bottom and the top, cut backs and excellerates is when pumped in a variety of conditions seems as crazy as the rest of the above mentioned surfboards.

This board is a blend of fish up front with a pulled in tail and a quad set up in the tail. The rails are thinner then a fish but the front of the board still has some width and a mild beak nose. The bottom is fast with contours that feed the water out the quad set up for drive and speed.

My superstition with a new board is if you catch the first wave when you first try for you have a winner. Now we all know superstitions are super stupid but I did catch the first wave with this board and made a couple of turns. I have had it out on several sessions since and have enjoyed pumping it and getting moving. Late drops and hard turns off the bottom coming to the top of the wave and cutting back where all made with this style of board.

The board is short at 5’11″ but I can see a surfer looking to go even shorter on a board like this with the full outline. All in all a board I can throw in the car on the way to the beach and as long as I don’t end up a long board spot I should have it covered.

Pictures say a thousand words so here is a few more thousand words about this board.

Stamps Fuse side view

Stamps Fuse side view

Stamps Fuse Quad set-up

If you want to order custom order from Time here is a link to his site:

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