Surfboards by Davenport mode 4065

Surfboards by Davenport mode 4065

If there were an El Camino of surfboards this would be it. A solid
classic with clean semi-parallel template and a rolled bottom to tail
with some blended concave in the nose. The rocker is flat in the
middle for speed with a kick in the tail for whippy turns.

Length: 9’ 4” – 10’ 6”
Nose: 18“ – 19”
Width: 23” – 24”
Tail: 16” – 17”
Thickness: 3 1/8” – 3 3/8”

info by Edfactor

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One Response to “Surfboards by Davenport mode 4065”

  1. Mel says:

    I’m currently riding a 9’6″ 4065 and lovin’ it! Good all around rider. Super stable on the nose and really whippy on the turns from the tail. After trying a couple fins I found that a 10″ Sparky or Tyler Zeke fin worked really well. It seems to really the bigger pulled back fins.


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