Surfboards by Davenport – On the Rocks Model

Surfboards by Davenport – On the Rocks Model

Conceived on the barstools of the legendary Harbor Room by Mr. Davenport and Mr. Factor after one too many stiff whiskey cannonballs, straight no chaser, the “On the Rocks” model should not be confused with the marketing scheme surrounding the nomenclature “Log.” “Logs” are for lumberjacks, limp wristed cutbacks, ballerina slow motion tip toes, and kiddie park rollercoasters for junior. No baseball bat rails or silly trendy dug-out canoe concave, yet it can noseride…just not in the shoulder. So, forget any “just the tip” action on the flats. Frontal action is a functional maneuver and not a donkey-show pony-trick. With rails so slippery in the water and the slide so quick, no lube is necessary. A beer gut-belly in the center of the board proves that the “On the Rocks” model leaves the light beers for the ladies. Yet, the thin foil may suggest that the “On the Rocks” model might also have added a third pun to it’s namesake. With the ability to be a casual cat and the critical sections, gouging cutbacks, back-breaking jives, el rollos, halting kick stalls, deep turkey-stuffed noserides and heavy enough to scare hipsters back to their hulls, the “On the Rocks” just might be the perfect concoction for you! Bring some CLASS back to the Beach and tip the bartender.
Length: 9’0” – 10’ 6”
Nose: 16 1/2” – 18”
Width: 22” – 23 1/2”
Tail: 15 3/4“ – 16 1/2”
Thickness: 3” – 3 3/8”

Info supplied by Edfactor

On the Rocks

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