Surfboards by Davenport – The Thing

Surfboards by Davenport – The Thing

A board like nothing in the line up today. A wide body pig templated small wave noserider. This board features a flat nose with a kicked up tail. The nose has a lip for lift, 50/50 pinched middle rails for nose riding, and a 60/40 up turned railed V tail.

Length: 9’ 8” – 10’ 6”
Nose: 18 1/4” – 19 1/4”
Width: 23 1/2” – 24 1/4”
Tail: 17 1/4”
Tail Block: 10“
Thickness: 3 1/8” – 3 3/8”

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  1. Mel says:

    Just got a 9’9″ The Thing a few months ago. So far I’ve been lovin’ it. The board has a really wide tail which can look pretty intimidating but it’s actually a friendly rider. Easy to turn even with a Rick Noserider fin in it. I’ve been meaning to switch up the fin and possibly try a Sparky fin in it but I’ve been having a good time on as is. A ride a lot of beach break and I find that it really thrives in the knee to shoulder high range.


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