T.Patterson Pat-O G

T.Patterson Pat-O G

A team favorite for fast, loose, surfing in weak everyday waves. Ridden 1-2 inches shorter, slightly wider and thinner than a normal shortboard, this board has tons of speed and soft forgiving rails for landing (and pulling) the sickest maneuvers and aerials in your trick bag. This is a popular alternative to the Junior Assassinator for younger riders.

Rocker: Low

Concave: Single – Double – Vee

Available Tails: All

Recommended Tails: Squash, Thumb, or Swallow

Wave Size: Waist High to 2ft Overhead

Wave Type: Various small to medium waves, almost any condition.

A variation of the Small Wave Assassinator, tweaked specifically for Pat, this board excels for the lighter surfer.

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