Tim Stamps Mullet

Tim Stamps Mullet

The Mullet is a combination of two worlds, the fish and the high performance shortboard. Fish characteristics in the outlne and shortboard rocker and contour characteristics throughout the foil. Set up as a Quad fin this model fast and responsive. Works well in any conditions.

Typical dimension: 5’10″ 15 1/4″T 20 1/4″W 14

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2 Responses to “Tim Stamps Mullet”

  1. James Annear says:

    Tremendous board. I am primarily a longboarder and mid0shape rider. Mostly a single fin guy. I have the Mullet and my surfing came alive. Fast and incredibly maneuverable, this board will do most anything. First day on it was in 8′ x 12 sec hurricane swell, much of which was so fast most people weren’t making it. The Mullet did. Flat out great board from a great shaper. I now own 3 Stamps boards (Overeasy, Quad Fish and Mullet) and will probably get a Fuse as my next one. Tim is my go to shaper now.

  2. Jay B says:

    This is a great all-around board with a good mix of performance and grovelling potential. Tim’s a great shaper and you cannot go wrong with his boards.

    My only complaint is the quality of the epoxy glassing. Mine developed weird yellow splotches on the deck within months (I have always kept it in a board bag). Not sure if others have found this problem with Tim’s EPS boards.


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