Tim Stamps Over Easy

Tim Stamps Over Easy

This is our popular and versatile egg shape. Wide and glide like a long board, yet shorter and curvy to keep your arcs tight. Ride this one short if you want to get aggressive or add some length if you want to cruise. Go wierd and get your Wayne Lynch on! A must have in the quiver. Set up as a single, 2 + 1, or “bonzer”.

Typical dimension: 7’0″ 15 1/4″T 21 1/4″W 16 1/2″N 2 5/8″
Size range: 5’10″ – 8’0″

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One Response to “Tim Stamps Over Easy”

  1. WG says:

    Rode the board once or twice. Was OK. Maybe taking out a bit of the meat through the center would help this one and trimming the rails a bit too. If you experiment with a few sizes and thicknesses, you would find your sweet spot and surf this in chest high to somewhat overhead surf and probably down to waist high as well. Tim is willing to listen and help you build exactly what you want. I’d recommend Tim to shape you a board. Go check him out.


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