Walden Magic Fish

Walden Magic Fish

The magic fish is an updated version of a Retro fish. The magic fish has the traditional fish outline with the addition of the design elements of the magic model including the double concave hull, hard rail, and beveled edges. The Magic fish is highly maneuverable without compromising speed.

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5 Responses to “Walden Magic Fish”

  1. Just a kid says:

    horrible board!! shapes ok glass is horible and caves/cracks easly fin plugs are FCS and i have broken them -i bought this board rode it 2 and sold it i give it a -1 made in some asian country

  2. Just a kid says:

    great for big waves nose rides ok but better for turning on big waves -good all arround board

  3. Johnny says:

    I have to respond to the last ridiculous post. I just bought a three year old 6’4″ mf. It is a brick shit house. I think it is indeed finished in Thailand (not China) but the shape is super high performance, the glass job is axe proof (this thing will last a decade)It is not custom but it is quality. (this is coming from a person who almost listened to that last review and almost passed up on a board that I am stoked to have in my quiver for years to come) Buy with out fear.

  4. norcal says:

    that guys on crack..the first day i rode it i got 5 presure dings..and trust me i get boards from michel junod and i just got my first pressure ding after a year..shut your mouth and listen to a real surfer..this board sucks!

  5. Harry says:

    This is a great board up to 10ft and you can still rip on a 1 footer. The finish is exceptional and so if you’re having problems with riding it or the quality then you need to get out in the surf more with it and stop posting nonsense. It comes pretty close to some of my fav McTavish boards


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