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Ah, the joys of being out in the water, basking in the sun’s warmth, feeling the coolness of the water as the waves carry you along. Surfing is a way of life for some, an escape for others, and a sport that anyone can try. One of the challenges of mastering the waves is finding the right board. Enter the BOM BORA Softboard. I became smitten with this light and pliable board the first time I saw it and decided to give it a try. I’ve used it for a while now, so here’s my comprehensive review.

My Love Affair with the BOM BORA Softboard: A Comprehensive Review

First things first: The BOM BORA Softboard is a beginner’s board that hits the sweet spot in almost every aspect. Its soft foam exterior makes it easy to grip, and it comfortably accommodates surfers of different levels of skill.

The board’s lightweight feature makes it easy to carry from place to place, so you can catch the waves wherever your surfing spirit takes you. At 6ft8inches in length, the board stays afloat with ease, making it easy to navigate the waves and find the sweet spot.

To get the best out of your softboard, you have to understand the fin placement. The BOM BORA Softboard has three fins of different sizes installed, with the biggest in the centre and the smaller ones at the sides. This fin setup maintains stability, making it easy to balance. The board’s contours to the continuous rocker is another standout feature. It helps to regulate your speed, making it easy to control and enjoy the waves.

The board’s polyethylene foam construction gives it the perfect balance of cushion and speed, which optimizes your performance on the waves. It has a soft and comfortable deck, which makes it perfect for learners and intermediates who are still mastering their technique. You can experience a softer landing as you fall off the board. So, there’s less risk of injury during falls, and that’s a plus.

The BOM BORA Softboard comes in different colours and sizes. The only con I found with the board is that it is more prone to dents and smudges than traditional boards. However, it is easily repairable with a patch kit or some duct tape and does not hinder its performance in any way.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the BOM BORA Softboard is an excellent starter board for surfers of all levels. Its lightweight and buoyant properties make it perfect for beginners, while its continuous rocker and three-fin setup make it a great choice for the intermediate surfer as well. It’s easy to handle, comes in various colours and sizes, and boasts a comfortable and soft deck – a must-have for those who enjoy soft landings. If you’re looking for a board that combines comfort and performance, then the BOM BORA Softboard is for you. Don’t just take it from me – try it out yourself and catch the waves with confidence!

Ryan Griffiths

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