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Chilli Surfboards was founded by Jamie Cheal, who started carving on a surfboard at the Gold Coast’s Greenmount beach break aged 13, and he’s been surfing every day since.

In his late teens, Cheal moved to Sydney and started working at a surfboard factory, sanding and sweeping for next to nothing. In 1995, aged 22, Cheal shaped his first board. When he eventually took his creation to the water he was more than a little surprised; It actually worked!

“It was a total fluke,” he laughs. “I shaped about 20 more after that first one and they all went like wet towels.”

Jamie Cheal

Are Chilli surfboards good?

Chilli Surfboards are great! These boards are equally as impressive for the beginner and the intermediate surfing market. That being said, it is generally easier to make a good board for this market than a performance surfer who has been refining boards for years. The trick is getting the volume right & a model for the waves you are surfing.

Where are chilli surfboards made?

Chilli surfboards are made and shaped in Brookvale NSW Australia. In the years that followed, demand for Cheal’s boards grew and each week, he produced more. Soon, demand was high and some of Australia’s best surfers were riding Chilli Surfboards to victory.

Who owns Chilli surfboards?

The founding owner of Chilli Surfboards, Jamie Cheal, did his first top turn on a surfboard at the Gold Coast’s Greenmount aged 13, and he’s been surfing most days since.

Ryan Griffiths

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