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Our Degree 33 surfboards review is coming soon…Stay tuned for our review of the most popular surfboards from Degree 33. We’ll be exploring their features, performance and overall value to help you decide which board is right for you. From entry-level boards all the way up to pro-level shapes and constructions, we’ve got it covered! Make sure you check back soon for our latest reviews and opinions on all things Degree 33. Thanks for reading, and stay stoked!

Our team of experienced surfers has put the Degree 33 lineup through its paces in a variety of conditions to bring you our comprehensive review. We evaluated the boards based on their performance, construction quality and overall value.

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Hey guys, Degree 33 Surfboards review here and I wanted to give you all the details you need to make an effortless decision on your next board purchase.

This is our flagship model, the Ultimate Longboard it’s the board that put Degree 33 Surfboards on the map! It’s a perfectly balanced board, as it covers every skill level from beginners all the way through advanced. You can have fun on this board regardless of if you’re new to surfing or a Season Salt II veteran.

The reason why this board is so special is because of its maneuverability, stability, and versatility. The rails of the Ultimate have what we call chine rails — which are beveled edges that reduce drag in the water making it easier to move through turns. Plus, the flat spot in the middle and the V off of the tail flatten out its rocker for more power when paddling into a wave and when moving down the line.

The beauty of this board is that it covers such a wide span of conditions — ranging from knee-to-chest high waves up to foot-overhead! This makes it trumps panels like Classic Logs or Nose Riders which really only work well in one specific range. When selecting a longboard, usually go three feet above your height: if you’re 5’6″ go for an 8’6″ board, if you’re almost 6′ go for our 9′ board!

We offer three different constructions for our Ultimate Longboard to cover everyone’s abilities. We’ve got Epoxy (great for beginners), Next Gen (an upgraded clear epoxy) and Fiberglass (for surfing purists).

If you have any questions about our boards or anything, don’t hesitate to email us.

Surfboards available

When it comes to finding the perfect board, Degree 33 has you covered! From beginner-friendly boards made from soft material all the way up to high-end hardwood longboards that are ideal for surfers of every skill level. No matter what your style is, choose a ride with confidence and enjoy making waves in no time!

  • Longboards
  • Shortboards
  • Soft Top Surfboards
  • Funboards
  • Hybrids
  • Closeout Boards
  • Standup Paddle Boards
  • Custom Boards

Where are Degree 33 surfboards made?

Degree 33 surfboards are made designed and constructed in San Diego, CA and all our epoxies are made overseas.

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