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Surfing is exhilarating during the day, but have you ever considered shredding waves in the dark? Night surfing is a thrilling experience that every surfer should try at least once. The ocean is a different animal at night, so safety is a top priority. With that in mind, let’s dive in and explore what night surfing is and what you need to know to experience the adrenaline rush for yourself.

Catching Waves in the Dark: Night Surfing Adventures

First things first, be prepared. Before you even step foot on the beach, make sure you have all the proper equipment. A good wetsuit with a hoodie and boots is essential for staying warm. Also, a waterproof LED light attached to your surfboard will help you navigate to the waves and identify where you land after catching a wave. As a general rule, keep the light as far forward on the board as possible. You don’t want to blind or distract other surfers while they ride a wave.

Once you hit the water, take a few minutes to get your bearings. With the reduced visibility in the dark, it takes some time to get acclimatized. But as soon as you catch your first wave, there’s no turning back. The experience is surreal. The sound of water breaking on your board is more prominent, and the moonlit waves are unforgettable. The experience feels more personal and surreal than during the day since only a few people are in the water.

Speaking of other people in the water, knowing when and where it is safe to night surf is vital. Choose a spot that you know well and avoid crowded areas. Preferably, go with a buddy or two. Never surf alone. Also, check the surf report and tides, and never surf in stormy weather or during high tides or rip currents.

Night surfing is not for everyone, but those who try it experience a sense of adventure and excitement. Night surfing is an excellent way to switch up your surfing routine and spice things up.

The ocean is a wild and wonderful place; night surfing provides a new perspective on waves and surfing. From the thrill of paddling out into the unknown to the rush of catching a wave in the dark, night surfing is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you’re brave enough to try it, just remember to stay safe, be prepared, and enjoy the ride. The ocean at night is a different animal, and with the right equipment and mindset, you can unlock an entirely new world of surfing excitement. So go ahead, suit up, grab your board and let’s head out to experience the magic of night surfing together.

Ryan Griffiths

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