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this year we’re excited to introduce the Super Fling board review, a new addition to our board lineup at Real. There are many interesting aspects about the Super brand that set it apart from other boards in terms of value and performance. Let’s first explore what makes Super boards unique compared to others.

One distinctive feature of Super boards is that they all come with an S-Class deck. While other brands offer an S-Class deck as an optional upgrade for an additional cost, Super boards include it as a standard feature at the regular price. An S-Class deck provides increased resistance to dents caused by foot pressure, heel marks, and the impact of duck diving. It enhances the durability of the board overall.

Additionally, Super boards with colored tail patches offer more than just aesthetic appeal. The graphic tail patch serves as an extra layer of fiberglass beneath the rear foot area, adding strength to the tail. This additional layer, which can be felt even before waxing the board, makes the tail more durable. The combination of carbon strips and the graphic tail patch ensures a sturdy tail construction.

Considering the overall construction of Super boards, the S-Class deck significantly improves deck durability, while the graphic tail patches provide extra strength to the tail. Another performance-enhancing aspect is the fins used on these boards. Now, let’s take a closer look at the design of the Super Fling.

The Fling is primarily designed for smaller waves, serving as an excellent groveler. The board I have here is a 5’11”, slightly shorter than my height, with dimensions of 21.19 inches wide, 2.97 inches thick, and 42 liters in volume. Although it may seem similar to other boards in this category, the Fling is actually narrower than many of them. Typically, to achieve this volume at this length, boards would need to be around 22 inches wide. However, Super accomplishes this by quickly widening the board and maintaining that width throughout most of its length, including the tail.

Speaking of the tail block, the Fling features a relatively wide one. Yet, the maximum width of this board is just over 21 inches. This narrower tail block creates a fast rail-to-rail sensation and provides a nimble and agile feel rather than a bulky and wide one. With the wider tail, you can apply more pressure and receive greater pushback during turns, giving you an enhanced surfing experience.

Looking at other boards we’ve reviewed and surfed, the PI’s L Rat Skull would be the closest comparison to the Super Fling. Both boards share a similar outline, with a quick width increase but without excessive width, maintaining it along the entire length. In terms of bottom contour, the Fling features a deep single concave that transitions into a shallow double concave and then flattens out towards the tail. This design offers excellent drive and speed under the front foot, with a touch of release provided by the double concave. The wide tail block acts as a big gas pedal, allowing you to push harder and receive more power in your turns.

At first glance, you might assume that the Fling is ideally suited for a quad setup. I thought the same and initially rode it as a quad, finding it to be above average in performance. However, after an hour and a half session, I decided to switch to a thruster setup just to see how it would perform. To my surprise, the Fling actually worked significantly better as a thruster. It entered a realm of magic, performing exceptionally well and surpassing its quad performance. Despite the blocky tail, which one might associate with quad setups, I doubt I will ever use it as a quad again. The Fling was simply incredible as a thr

The Fling was simply incredible as a thruster. It offered exceptional speed, looseness in turns, and the ability to generate tremendous speed during roundhouse maneuvers. It was a mind-blowing experience, considering the board’s somewhat blocky tail. The wider tail block allowed for intense pushing and delivered significant pushback in turns. After testing the Fling with both the Future Super Quad and Super Thruster setups, I can confidently say that the thruster configuration brought out the best in this board. It was fast, responsive, and provided a remarkable surfing experience.

In summary, the Super Fling is a fantastic board designed for moderate-sized waves. It offers a fast rail-to-rail feel and is surprisingly nimble considering its dimensions. The construction of Super boards, including the S-Class deck for enhanced durability and the reinforced graphic tail pad, adds value and strength to the board. If you’re looking for a high-performing board, especially for summer conditions, the Super Fling is definitely worth considering.

Ryan Griffiths

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