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Surfing is a sport that’s not for the weak at heart. It takes a lot of physical stamina, determination, and mental focus to get the perfect ride on the waves. And, let’s not forget the equipment – wetsuits, surfboards, and wax. But what about surfing gloves? Are they necessary? The short answer is yes. Surfing gloves not only offer essential protection from the cold water but they also improve your grip on the surfboard. In this blog post, I will give my review of three popular surfing gloves and help you decide which one is best for you.

Get a Grip and Ride the Waves: A Review of Surfing Gloves

First up, the Xcel Surfing Gloves. These gloves are made of 100% neoprene and have a textured palm to provide excellent traction. The gloves come in different thicknesses, and I opted for the thicker 5mm version. The gloves kept my hands warm and dry, and the texture on the palm held my grip on the board well. The only downside was that the gloves felt a bit bulky, which affected my flexibility on the board. However, if cold water is one of your main dilemmas, then the Xcel Surfing Gloves could be the right choice for you.

Second on the list are the O’Neill Superfreak 2mm Gloves. Made of 100% UltraFlex DS Neoprene, these gloves offer an incredibly comfortable fit and enhanced flexibility. They also have an anti-abrasion palm to prevent wear and tear. Though not as warm as the Xcel gloves, they offer great grip on the board and didn’t feel as bulky, allowing me to maneuver on the board freely. I highly recommend these gloves for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a unique balance between warmth and flexibility.

Lastly, the Vissla High Seas 1.5mm Gloves, made of super stretchy neoprene, provide maximum maneuverability. These lightweight gloves are incredibly comfortable to wear, allowing me to feel every single curve of the board. The gloves have a smooth palm texture that felt grippy without interfering with my hand’s motion on the board. Unfortunately, the gloves failed to keep my hands warm, so they’re better suited for waters with moderate to warm temperatures.

All three surfing gloves offer unique benefits depending on your personal preference and the water conditions you’re likely to encounter. The Xcel gloves are best for cold water, the O’Neill gloves for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for balance, and the Vissla gloves for maximum maneuverability. Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide which pair of surfing gloves is right for you. So, get out there and ride the waves with your newfound grip!

Ryan Griffiths

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