Pip hardware review

Our Pip hardware review is on its way, so keep on frothing as we will have it ready soon.

Hey there, ever heard of Pip Hardware? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Pip Hardware is a one-stop shop for all your hardware needs. We carry everything from tools and fasteners to hardware accessories and protective gear so you can get the job done safely. They also offer rentals, exchanges, and repairs for certain products, as well as expert advice on any project you may have.


Pip Hardware has had some really bad reviews, and I actually can’t find a positive review online.

Apparently, the physical address doesn’t exist. The phone goes to nowhere and if you try to process an order it says “gateway web error” and nothing advances past that page. They have a convincing website with just a little too good to be true deals. I’m almost 100% sure it’s a scam and I have to call my credit card company to get me a new card because someone somewhere has all my info now… thanks “pip”

It is a scam. Do not buy anything online if they do not accept PayPal. Using PayPal is your only protection.. And even then if it’s too good to be true don’t do it because you need to keep very careful records PayPal is an inconvenience none of us need.

Ryan Griffiths

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