Pyzel Ghost Review: Shred Like JJF

Surfing legend John John Florence knows a good board when he sees one, hence this Pyzel ghost review. His signature model, the Pyzel ghost, has always had an alluring shape with its teardrop outline and pulled-in nose that keep foam under your feet no matter how radical of maneuvers you pull off in the water. A two-time world champion like him must know what works. It’s hard to deny this unique design!

“The Ghost is a board we’ve been making for team riders and friends for a couple of years now, and finally decided to put it on the “menu” after all the good feedback.”

Jon Pyzel

Pyzel Ghost Dimensions

5’8″18 3/4″2 5/16″24.70L
5’9″18 7/8″2 3/8″26.00L
5’10”19″2 7/16″27.20L
5’11”19 1/8″2 1/2″28.40L
6’0″19 3/8″2 9/16″29.90L
6’1″19 1/2″2 5/8″31.30L
6’2″19 5/8″2 11/16″32.70L
6’3″19 7/8″2 3/4″34.30L
6’4″20″2 7/8″36.60L
6’5″20 1/4″3″39.20L
6’6″20 1/2″3″40.10L
6’8″20 3/4″3 1/16″42.50L
6’10”20 7/8″3 1/8″44.70L
7’0″21″3 3/16″47.10L

Key Features

  • 3-12FT

Conditions to use this board

The Ghost is the perfect board for surfers at any skill level! Experienced surfers will love its increased foam under chest, allowing them to ride shorter and more maneuvarability. Intermediate riders can rely on it’s stability in powerful conditions as they progress their skills. Trust us – no matter what kind of waves you’re taking on, this all-rounder has got your back (and stomach)! So go ahead and switch up your routine with a reliable companion like the Ghost by your side!


Are Pyzel surfboards durable?

While this construction is strong and durable these boards are not indestructible they will eventually dent, ding, and even break, just like all surfboards.

Ryan Griffiths

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