Pyzel Phantom Review

Our Pyzel phantom review is coming soon…Stay ready and keep the stoke!

Yep, another awesome board, so we felt the urge to do a Pyzel Phantom Review. With the Phantom, I can hit all my regular spots, no matter what the conditions. It’s like the Ghost got a kick in its step they souped it up with the additional volume and single concave, making sure I can stay on top of choppier waves.

Not only is it easier to keep my speed through tighter turns and lulls, thanks to that wider nose and tail shape, turns to sound smooth and effortless. I’m stoked to be able to ride with this kind of precision without having to worry about the wave state. We certainly call this one an upgrade!

When we brought out the Ghost for the first time, we had no idea that it would become so popular. We heard from surfers everywhere that this board was really great for waves shoulder-high and bigger, so we decided to make a step-down model that could bring that same feeling to smaller waves. And knowing how often we end up surfing on head-high or even lower conditions, this seemed like a natural progression to keep the stoke alive!

Phantom Surfboard Dimensions

5’6″18 7/8″2 5/16″25.40L
5’7″19″2 3/8″26.70L
5’8″19 1/8″2 3/8″27.30L
5’9″19 1/4″2 7/16″28.60L
5’10”19 1/2″2 1/2″30.10L
5’11”19 3/4″2 1/2″31.00L
6’0″20″2 9/16″32.60L
6’1″20 1/4″2 5/8″34.40L
6’2″20 3/8″2 11/16″35.90L
6’4″20 5/8″2 3/4″38.20L



  • Squash Tail
  • Full Rail



  • Futures, FCS
  • Thruster, Quad, Five Fin



PU, EPOXY, Electralite, Dark Arts


Three Colors, Solid Single Color, Solid Color with Rail Color / 2 colors, Deck Inlay Single Color, Rail color, Tail Dip, JJF rail pin, Custom Cloth Deck / Black rails Under 7ft, Deck inlay fade, Dark Arts Deck/Rail Pigment, Halo Deck Inlay Fade, Cosmic Swirl, Bolt Rail, Reverse Bolt Rail, Two Tone Rail, Channel Deck Inlay Fade, Wishbone, Solid Color with Wishbone, Reverse Wishbone


  • 8 Ft
  • 2 Ft


  • Beg.
  • Inter.
  • Adv.
  • Pro.

Full Review

Hey guys, today we’re taking a look at the Phantom by PI’s El Surfboards. As you can see, we have the Ghost, the Gremlin and of course the Phantom. I’ve been waiting for this board and I’m super excited to dive into this review! So sit back, grab your favorite drink and enjoy the show.

Before we dive into the Phantom, let’s first talk about the Ghost. We did this review at some point breaks and some hollower beach breaks. What I really liked about the Ghost is how user-friendly it is – most of us don’t want to ride high performance short boards that often because they don’t have as much speed as more daily driver type boards. But because it has a low entry rocker, wide point from center, and lots of foam up here, this is a great high performance short board for intermediate to advanced surfers and it doesn’t have any kind of ceiling to it either. This is due to its rounded pin tail which was pulled in with all that curve – it really held in nice! But I felt like it needed punchy four foot beach break waves or bigger for it to truly excel.

Now let’s move on to the Phantom – we can see a similar DNA when comparing it with the Ghost. It also has a low entry rocker, wide point from center and lots of foam shoved forward for good paddling power and help carrying down the line with good speed. With its relaxed rocker profile like the Ghost, this is another great daily driver for two to six foot surf. The forgiving nature and speed really stood out here as well! Its tail has round pin shape as well as plenty of rocker – all good combinations making this board just a bit different from the Ghost. Additionally John added extra single concave through under its belly here giving it even more lift and speed than before while maintaining its rail line rocker profile allowing easy turns with channeling water off its V shaped tail leading towards those rail to rail maneuvers in no time!

Finally let’s check out what makes up the Gremlin which looks very similar on paper -white point front from center paired with 5’4″ in length having tons of foam up top meaning one thing: paddles well! After riding it several times already in great waves oddly enough there’s not that much difference between all three -all feeling somewhat familiar naturally having that ‘Ghost DNA’. All made using team lite glassine EPS making them all more lively underfoot but requiring some repairs such as pressure dents after several rides since John applied a little bit lighter construction here rating about five on scale from 1-10 (ten being completely untouched). That however should be an easy fix if one were customising these boards or even stock versions requiring repair work soon anyway!

Ryan Griffiths

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